Celebrities have wild lives that are filled with all kinds of experiences. Emily Atack, the captain of the show Celebrity Juice, also has a similar life. Recently she revealed a wild night’s experience on the Emily Atack show that is her show (do we need to say that?). 


Emily started her story in the typical manner of one night she was at a pub drinking with a guy. Both were drunk and had a sudden liking for one another, the liking that comes from drinking. They exchange numbers, flirt on text and finally the guy asks her to meet. He openly says he is married but that is ok, his wife does not mind and actually she wants to meet Emily.

Emily goes over to his place and what follows is a three way love making. Emily admits that she enjoyed the act, it was fun but she gets a bit uncomfortable as by the end both husband and wife are looking at Emily in admiring way. Both their eyes are filled with love. Emily made the couple sit down and said something is terribly wrong between them. They had to work it out together and she was not the solution to their problem. 

That was really bold of Emily by telling all about her wild night to us. Life is unexpected and one can live it the best by letting it come to them as it comes as it is seen wonderful things happen.  What is your view on life? How do you live it?


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