Emily Hampshire, star of Schitt’s Creek, admits Demi Lovato asked her out to go on a date.


Emily Hampshire, star of Schitt’s Creek, has said that singer and actress Demi Lovato sent her a romantic DM.

As part of her appearance on Demi Lovato’s podcast, 4D with Demi Lovato, Hampshire, told how she and Lovato first met online.

We met through a mutual friend. Not even met, since I find it hilarious!” According to Hampshire, Lovato sent her a direct message on Instagram.

He replied: “Hey! I enjoyed your performance on the show.” If you want to play, let’s do it! ‘And by kicking it, I mean, go on a date.’ This is a good look on you.”

“As soon as you mentioned date, I knew it. And I enjoyed that since that may be perplexing at times. “Kick it”… I’m several decades older than you. I was researching it.”

Despite their age difference, Lovato assured her friend that they didn’t view it as a problem. In their texts, they had jokingly likened them to Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor, a couple who are 30 years apart.

Despite the lack of romance between the two, Lovato expressed her joy that she and Hampshire had become good friends instead.

As they put it, “A non-binary person can dream.” “We were all dreaming big, and she was no exception. What could go wrong? Afterwards, I made a very close friend. You’re a great friend, and I’m glad we met.”

In addition to identifying as pansexual, Hampshire and Lovato revealed in May that they are non-binary and use they/them pronouns.

A year and a half ago, they revealed that they identified as non-binary. “I’ve been doing some healing and self-reflective work,” they said at the time.

“They/them will be my formal pronouns from now on. My gender expression is fluid, and this helps me to feel most real and true to the person I know I am and am continuously discovering, which is why it is my favourite.”

In the UK, you can catch up on Schitt’s Creek on Netflix right now!



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