With Emily’s popularity in social media, there is no lack of intelligent titles to recap her path. Whenever Emily is introduced to a new product, she says a smart slogan, which is then used to advertise the product. Emily in Paris is filled with amusing quotations like:

Durée Is Smudge-Proof, Even When You’re Berry Hungry

“Durée is smudge immune,” Emily stands at the decorative wall and exclaims. She picks strawberries from the wall right though you are starving in the berry” and bites. 

Don’t You Want To Go To The Movies To Escape Life?

Luc tells Emily that the French prefer the more dramatic and closer to real-life “French ending.” She begs Emily, “Will you not go to the cinema to avoid life?” and argues for the romantic ends. 

I’m not somebody who can share a Crepe. I Need The Whole Crepe

Emily, who is very heartbroken that they can’t have a romantic bond with Gabriel, metaphorically declares that “I’m not someone that can share a crepe that. I need to build the whole crepe.” 

I Like Paris, But I’m Not Sure Paris Likes Me

Emily goes to Gabriel’s restaurant in search of a friendly face after attending the fiesta Mindy has thrown for her and getting a less-than-pleasant meeting with a charming French man. 

A Little ‘Bonjour’ Goes A Long Way

She publishes the boomerang selfy in true Emily style and takes no time to create a clever expression, which reads “A little Bonjour goes a long way!”.

It’s Like Wearing Poetry

Madeline, Emily’s manager, sprays the scent of Maison Lavaux and asks what Emily believes, Emily answers with the fantasy of “like wearing poetry.”

The Vagina Is Not Male

Emily gets the slogan “The vagina is not male” and shared it to resist it. This post changes Emily’s lives for the best as Emily is put on the wife of the President and leads Emily’s peers and employer to change their opinions and to begin embracing her particular approach.

So Romantic I May Be Falling In Love With Myself

As Emily stands in front of her café, she writes the title “I can fall in love with myself so romantic,” and then changed her mind quickly. 

I Feel Like Nicole Kidman In Moulin Rouge

Emily declares “I’m like Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge,” as it unlocks the curtain. Emily picked one of the most tragically characteristic of all woman-in-Paris roles to pick from, which is not analogous easily to her case. 

It’s Just Paris, It’s Not Some Alternate Universe Where Rules Don’t Apply”

Emily replies that it is “that Paris is, it’s not a replacement country, but rules are not true” and it is more about how Gabriel can avoid than Clark’s actions.

The quotes will now be used in the advertisement and son it will get famous too. 

Stay tuned with us and enjoy reading.


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