Emma Stone of Cruella De Vil Reveals A Disney Villain That Deserves A Backstory

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Cruella follows Maleficent in telling the origin tale of one of the House of Mouse’s most renowned villains on the big screen, and it’s been so popular that work on a sequel has already begun. 

The technique certainly works and is more creatively fascinating than making straight live-action remakes, so the question now is: where do we go from here?

In a recent virtual interview, Variety asked the Cruella ensemble this question, and the conclusion was that The Little Mermaid’s Sea Witch Ursula (soon to be played by Melissa McCarthy) deserved it the most. 

Source: Teen Vogue

Emma Stone expressed herself as follows: “She’s an octopus, and you’d get to live in her world, which includes Ursula’s parents and what happened there. Never before has a non-human Disney villain been portrayed in such depth.”

Ursula is such a poor miserable person, according to Emma Thompson, who had a witty explanation: “Her parents continue to give her shirts with only four arms. They’ve been messing with her from a young age, so she’s always attempting to fit two arms into each hole. Isn’t that something that would really mess you up?” 

Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Joel Fry, and Paul Walter Hauser, respectively, opted for a Scar prequel, a Jafar origin storey, and Darren Aronofsky’s Lilo and Stitch. 

Cruella is currently available in theatres and on Disney+.

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