Emmerdale spoilers for shock death week (March 29 to April 2)

Source: Digital Spy

If you are a regular viewer of “Emmerdale”, you all know that makers are leaving no stone unturned to surprise the viewers regularly by bringing new stories and new tracks every week. 

This week too, the marriage of Paul and Mandy will also be filled up with high voltage drama which is going to leave you amused. The secrets will be revealed, the relationships will break and this week will give new shape to “Emmerdale”.


The week will begin with the villagers where hospital beds are shown. We will know further for whom these beds have been ordered.

Aron’s plan shocked Paul:

On the day of the wedding, Aaron reveals to Paul he has kidnapped Connor. Paul immediately helped Connor to flee away from Aaron.

Source: Digital Spy

Liv knows the truth about Paul:

Liv and Connor cross their paths where he told Liv about Paul that he was solely responsible for the attack on Vinny.

And Liv told everything to Aaron, and they decided to tell everything to Mandy before marriage to save her life.

Vinny attached again:

To hide the secrets, Paul once again attached Vinny. Aaron tries to get Vinny free but he was unable to do so. At the same time, Mandy came and the truth uncovered.

Liv in danger:

When Aaron and Vinny are talking to each other, Life goes to meet Paul. After that, the dangerous instinct of Paul came out and he attacked Liv too. 

The death of villagers gave a shock to everyone:

We are not going to uncover all the details. Only a part of “Emmerdale” has been given as a spoiler. But makers of the show have assured that there are series of climax, twists, and turns which will blow your mind.

Like it will show how the villagers die and for whom those three beds were for.

“Emmerdale” premiers every Monday at 7 pm on ITV. You all can watch previous episodes too by clicking on the link- https://www.itv.com/hub/emmerdale/Ya0524 

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