Emmerdale Teases A New Twist Before Kim Tate – But Did You Spot It?

Source: Digital Spy

In last night’s show, Emmerdale hinted its newest surprise with Kim Tate, but did you notice it? Will Taylor was arrested in the latest episode of the soap, which is available on ITV Hub as part of this week’s box set, after learning that Kim (Claire King) had fallen and died. Kim had earlier complained about not feeling well after Jamie had seen her downing a drink through her hidden camera footage.

Jamie (Alexander Lincoln), Kim’s son, came to Home Farm to see what looked to be his mother laying on the floor, surrounded by a doctor. Jamie was then informed that Kim would be brought to the hospital in a private ambulance and that he would need to find a place to stay while forensics searched the area for evidence.

Source: Metro

The doctor accidentally said “diazepan” in her system until amending himself and said “diazepam,” so viewers at home knew he was working for Kim right away. At the end of the episode, the doctor was shown to be a paid actor, and Kim had set everything up to see what it would take for Jamie – whom she then knew had already been poisoning her – to confess. The Tate family is in for a lot of drama in the next weeks, to say the very least! Emmerdale airs on ITV on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays this week. You can watch all of the episodes right now on the ITV Hub.

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