Emmerdale’s spoilers (March 8 to 12)

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Next week’s Emmerdale episodes see Gabby devastated to discover that Jamie has been playing her so she’ll get an abortion, while Kim plots to destroy Jamie and Dawn’s relationship when they admit their love

1.Jamie is secretly pleased that his plan is coming together when a tired and sick Gabby worries that she’s not cut out to become a mum.

Later, fed up with the mixed signals from Dawn, Jamie wants to know where he stands and she admits she still has feelings for him.

2.Furious Gabby confronts Jamie about pretending to like her when he’s only interested in Dawn.

She begins to realise that he has only been keeping her on side to gently encourage her not to keep the baby and she’s horrified. As her anger builds, Gabby threatens Jamie that she’ll tell Kim everything.

3.Rushing away, emotional Gabby suddenly feels dizzy and takes a nasty fall.

She calls out to Jamie for help, but he watches on silently as Gabby clutches her stomach and passes out.

4.When Dawn learns from Kim that Jamie has been pretending to be Gabby’s boyfriend to try and convince her into an abortion, she’s disgusted and lays into Jamie for his awful behaviour.

Dawn tries to clear her head, but later tentatively agrees to give Jamie one final chance to prove that he can be honest. 

  1. Vowing to try harder to ruin Jamie and Dawn’s relationship, Kim cooks up another plan. At the pub, aware that Dawn has a meeting with social services, Kim creates a distraction and spikes Dawn’s drink.

    Courtesy: Digital Spy

6.Sick of his mother’s interference, Jamie threatens to move out of Home Farm for good. Kim, knowing what cushty life he leads there, points out he’d have nothing without her.

Kim calls his bluff, telling Jamie to step up and be a man, or step aside and give up his life of luxury at Home Farm

7.Nicola frets over what they’ve started when she opens a letter from Juliette’s solicitor, requesting a formalised arrangement of visits so she can see Carl.

The Kings consult Ethan for legal advice and he tells them to play everything by the book. Jimmy calls Juliette, wanting to take control of the situation, and tells her she can see Carl for an hour the next day.


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