Empire of Sin Review: Ragged Riches


Are you guys excited to witness a story based on the criminal gangs of 1920s?

Much excited are we. 

Yes, today the update is all about one such story, developed by Romero Games and published by Paradox Interactive. Amazement levels are shooting up because sources have revealed that it’s a Mafia story and has a much more interactive point.

There are mixed opinions about the game, some are of the view that is a complex tactical game will players get into the shoes of a mob Boss at that time. Romero put in his best to produce a unique blend of the gameplay to accomplish the essence of the game. 

There is a wide roadster with 14 different playable characters or crime lords some of which are of the kind of legendary Al Capone who busy themselves in doing an excellent job of coloring out the roster. Each gangster has a different kind of a personality. Moreover character progression is a reasonable part of the game. Only problem arises when a gang war breaks out, it is difficult to handle.  

There are a number of new things, the profit margin is also not too hard to be accepted also casual players do not need to worry about the financial where-about and they won’t even be penalized for doing so.

The game has too many things to be looked into, thrilling combat, engaging game play put on a charming façade and you will not be able to experience them fully without getting into the dark side of the game.

Total Thrill!


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