Ending Explained: Atlanta Season 2


The Atlanta Season 2 ended in 2018, before starting a haitus. While filming for season 3, the show has encountered many obstacles, the most fresh being the COVID-19. Now the production for both 3rd and 4th seasons will begin soon in 2021. People are not yet clear about the ending of season 2.

On the very cerebral episode the finale ended. Though it plotted a new way for season 3.Atlanta is extremely amazing because its stories are unpredictable, but this time we may have an idea of what we can see in season 3.

The explanation for Season 2 ending:

The final episode, which was Crabs in Barrel almost shocked Van and Earn, who discovered that Lottie is gifted in a parent conference. Lottie’s teacher recommends her parents to send her to another private school that will help her discover her full potential. Earn goes to Clark County’s European Tour with his friends. Later Van texts him that she has decided to move in with her mom along with Lottie.

By the end of the finale, it was also not sure if Alfred will keep up with Earn as a manager because of his continuous mistakes. Also in the end, the AI and Darius moves out of their houses and prepares for a tour. Earn also manages to impress his cousin by slipping a gun in Clark County’s bag to avoid the security halt at the airport. 

On the flight, AI says that he saw what Earn was doing and thanked him for having his back, because AI believed that people in music industry cared for none but themselves. But on the flight, Clark puts the blame on his manager, Luke, for the gun.

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