Entire synopsis of “Outlander” explained!

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A Netflix romance drama based on the novel by Diana Gabaldon, “Outlander” became famous just after it was released. The heartbeat of this 200-year-old drama is the love story of Claire Randell (Caitriona Balfe), a World War II nurse and James Fraser (Sam Heughan), a saucy Scotsman. 

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So, let’s start the story.

Season 1:

Story kicks in 1945 where World War ll nurse Claire and her husband visits Scotland to acquire some stones from the year 1973. She got lost into the time by the group of Highlanders led by Jonathan Randell. After getting no hint to go back, she has to marry Jamie Fraser, a highlander, and fall in love with him. 

She was doubted of being a spy, was captured, tortured and raped by Jonathan. After she conceived, she and Jamie eloped to France. 

Season 2:

In France, the couple got accommodation by King Louis XV of France and Jamie became his confidant. Despite a lot of hiding, Jonathan appeared in Paris too. But Claire and Jamie still managed to get safe from him. She made Jonathan marry Mary Hawkins. 

Jamie returns to the 20th century, pregnant and decides to fight the clan. She told everything about her and Jamie to Frank and says that they will raise the child as their own only. 

After 20 years, Frank died and Claire and her daughter Brianna returned to Scotland.

Season 3:

In 1948, Claire took admission in medical school in Boston. To find Jamie, she returns to the 18th century and finds that Jamie has married a widow Leoghaire. But still, she and Jamie found some hidden treasure to give to Leoghaire and settle her marriage with Jamie. 

After that, Claire and Jamie sailed out and went to the sea of Georgia. 

Season 4:

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In 1970, after rejecting Roger’s marriage proposal of Roger, Brianna went into a handfast marriage. There she was raped by Bonnet, impregnating her. But still, Roger accepted Brianna and they reunited at the plantation of Jocasta. 

Season 5:

This season clearly shows Jamie and Claire fighting against all the odds and reunited. They fought from American Revolutionary War, Battle of Alamance, Lieutenant Knox, Steven Bonnet, and mayor of Brownsville and got their love won. 

Stay tuned and refresh the space for more updates. 

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