Evans And Lily James: Couple Alert? Here’s What We Know


Year 2020 has been eventful year in every aspect. Apart from Corona Virus pandemic hitting the world there were heart breaks, love in air and other major events. Stars of Hollywood are no exception to this. 

As per wonderwall.com there were reports about Lily James and ‘The Crown’ star Matt Smith being together.  They had quarantine themselves together during the pandemic. As per the Sun’s Bizarre column about lovebirds, breakup between Matt and Lily was a result of their busy schedules which was a hurdle between them from seeing each other. 

The isolation during quarantine did bring them together as there was no work or schedule. They tried reconnecting trying to make a new start as there was an incredible chemistry between them. But their commitments kept them separate which resulted in parting ways. Matt last year had shown a desire of a possibility of starting a family with the star of the “Baby Driver”.

 Lily on the other hand had said that she went through many phases with Matt some where she wanted to go and some where she did not want to go and was clueless where she was now. There were no official comments about their relationship be either Lily or Matt as they prefer to keep it private.

Evans And Lily James: Couple Alert? Here’s What We Know

Now there was a twist in tale when Cinderella actress said that she is now dating Chris Evans. Recently, dressed in beautiful brown Lily James was seen entering the private club, interestingly both Lily James and Chris Evans entered the club separately. 

While going back they were spotted together in same cab after spending a night out at private members only club in Mayfair, London. Captain America star is staying at a hotel due to work commitments where they entered together avoiding photographers and media. This was not the only time when they were spotted together, as on July 8 2020 duo was seen again enjoying ice creams and lazing on the grass in London in a park.

Chris Evans has been seen enjoying his single status since March 2018 following a breakup with Jenny Slate. US Weekly said in January 2020 that Evans was seeing many women and enjoying life. He was not serious or dating some special woman in particular and loved to keep his personal affairs private.

Lily and Evans follow each other on Instagram too but it will be too early to say anything about their relationship. It is not even clear that how long Lily and Evans have known each other, are they just friends or anything seriously romantic is building between them. 

We will get back to you with more news about the love and heartbreaks of the famous Hollywood stars. Till then stay safe.


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