Every detail that you should know about Addison Rae’s She’s All That Remake

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TikTok star Addison Rae Easterling will become one of the stars of a remake named She’s All That, marking her official debut. Though new to the art, the job is right in Addison Rae’s wheelhouse—she will play a leading influence on social media, who has to turn a nerd, the Prom King.  Mark Waters (Mean Girls, Freaky Friday) will be directing from a written by R. Lee Fleming of the OG She’s All That. Jennifer Gibgot and Andrew Panay return to the restoration.

He’s All That’s, a re-imagination of 1999 She’s All That, the famous jock Zack Siler starred at Rachael Leigh Cook. Laney Boggs and Freddie Prinze Jr are also present. In this iteration, The TikToker will play the prominent role of Padgett Sawyer for kids, while Tanner Buchanan Cobra Kai is going to play a person in the original movie, like Cook’s. But while the film’s plot may be about a change, Buchanan says the story is about internal development. He said, “In reality, they’re both making over each other into better people, like in She’s All That. It really holds to the original story but is just updated in a way that feels current … cell phones and social media are pretty integral parts of our lives now!”

Prinze Jr. told the reporters, “I am not a part of it, but I have friends who are a part of it. I think it’s good that they’re remaking it. People forget I saw on social media somebody wrote, How dare they remake She’s All That? I’m like, man, it’s good with me. We were a remake of a remake of a play!”

Courtesy: Variety

He referred to the connection to My Fair Lady and Pygmalion and said, “We were good with it, and we gotta be good with it, too. Every generation should have their version of art that they connect to. I hope people aren’t angry about it because if you want to go see it, cool. If you don’t, cool.”

There was no official film footage that has wrapped up late in December. But behind the scenes, the cast posted some pictures. Other cast members could be Madison Pettis, Peyton Meyer, Isabella Crovetti, Annie Jacob and Myra Molloy. The surprise addition to the cast is also Kourtney Kardashian.


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