Every launch title confirmed for Microsoft’s Beastly Xbox Series X


Here is good news for all gamers!!!

Microsoft is going to launch the Xbox series X and S on 10th November 2020. Though there is a loophole that it lacks an epic start-up game. They were planning to make Halo Infinite the launching game but due to the delay of Halo Infinite’s release to the year 2021, they don’t have an epic game for a start-up. 

So, we are now expecting different games to launch with Xbox series x.

The biggest fear of gamers is losing their progress or games while changing console but it is not going to happen this time. Players can now play the upgraded games on Xbox X which is purchased on Xbox one without buying it twice.

Microsoft has confirmed many games to be released and playable on the new Xbox and 10 of them are

  • Assassins creed Valhalla

Ubisoft came back with another killer game of the assassin’s creed series but this time, it will be about the life of Vikings and their invasion of England. This game will also follow the open-world parkour gameplay like the others.

  • Borderlands 3

Even though Borderlands 3 has been released in 2019 and also have received a lot of streams of post-launch support, it is now going to be released on Xbox series X too.

  • Watch Dogs: Legion

This open-world action-based game is based upon a group of hackers in a fictional world of London and set in open-world gameplay. This game will be full of surprises and lots of gameplay. 

  • Fortnite

Well, of course, Fortnite cannot be left behind in this course of launching the best games, so, good news for all Fortnite lovers that they don’t need to worry about their progress and purchasing the game again as they will be able to move the game to the new-gen easily.

  • NBA 2k21

With Beautiful Visual Graphics and great gameplay, NBA 2k21 is going to be released on Xbox Series X too.

  • Dead by daylight

Behaviour Interactive confirmed to release DBD on Xbox Series X as they want many people to play the game.

  • Yakuza: Like a dragon

It is a very popular Japanese crime game developed by SEGA and it will be available just at launch. This is going to be a turn-based RPG game. But no matter what it will be as interesting as the previous games.

  • Devil May Cry V: Special Edition

Capcom confirmed its release on Xbox Series X and this game will be fully action-packed and it includes Virgil as a playable character.

On that note, hope the update has given you chills and excitement. Lets us know you views and we will be back with more updates!


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