Every Thor Joke In The Marvel Cinematic Universe – Ranked From Worst To Best

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The idea that Marvel’s cinematic world was still to assemble any Avengers ten years ago was astonishing. The series has now presented 27 world-saving characteristics, 24 movies later and one TV show later. It seemed improbable that characters featured in subsequent films would rank next door after the debut of the originals including Iron Man, Captain America and Black Widow.

It turns out that it was very wrong to assume that the originals had been run for their money due to the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Black Panther and the first female-led MCU picture, Captain Marvel and Brie Larson. Every Avenger (NB: we omitted SHIELD agents, Nick Fury, Phil Coulson and Maria Hill) is now on track with Loki – the third of the numerous Marvel programs planned for.



Thor’s been an Excellent movie. Thor: It hasn’t been the Dark World. However, the God of Thunder has proved against all odds to be the greatest Avenger. How? It’s mostly because the character in Thor: Ragnarok was revised by Taika Waititi.

The film creator provided Thor a sense of mood, rather than forcing Hemsworth to offer subpar Shakespearean writing – something that highlighted the strength of Hemsworth as an actor. The outcome was a captivating, smouldering, short-haired super hero who could wow Marvel fans eventually. If he was only all this way.

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To be fair, it is difficult to screw a character that actually is a tree which can only say a word (his name). Nothing denies that Vin Diesel’s Groot was one of the greatest of the original Galaxy Guardians and that Rocket Raccoon’s friendship was a highlight. Regrettably, he was changed into a baby for all the sequels.

  1.     Black Panther

Few figures have had the late Boseman Black Panther’s cultural influence. T’Challa’s measured behaviour was contrary to the quip making rule of the other Avengers, first showing at Captain America: the Civil War. The noble leader eventually took up his position as king of Wakanda, and released the inner Panther in the process, as a character’s solo film. It’s little wonder, even Avenger: Infinity War (2018) in the United States, became a box office sensation.

  1.     Iron Man

The MCU leader has always been its main figure. But Tony Stark has been pushed down the list by means of the flow of new add-ons – which isn’t why the series was so successful, to say the least.

No Marvel actor has more than Robert Downey Jr, whose charisma, larger than life, has made him the sole choice to show the multimillionaire industrialist and erstwhile playboy. He is a breath of fresh air among the big-budget explosions, and the MCU would have been steamless long ago without him.

  1.     Ant Man

A person who clicks a button and seizes an ant’s power: not only a fascinating location for a superhero. Fortunately, Marvel acknowledged that Ant-abilities Man’s was something of a joke and selected Paul Rudd as the mini-hero. Ant-Man stole the stage in Captain America in spite of its stature: the civil war when he reversed his powers and became a Giant man.

  1.     Rocket Raccoon

On Rocket Raccoon’s shoulders was the success of the Galaxy Guardians – Marvel’s first genuine step away from the cleaner cuts Avengers (See: Captan America, Thor). There were many who asked if it was good, and owing to amazing consequences Rocket found himself more diverse than most characters on this list, thanks to Bradley Cooper’s fantastic voice acting – not to mention the James Gunn knockout script.

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  1.     Bruce Banner A.K.A Hulk

Edward Norton initially played the Hulk, but Mark Ruffalo took over the movies with Avengers. The performer showed the person, who maintains an abrupt presence in every picture, a frenzied unpredictability. However, Bruce Banner/Hulk was less integrated into the squad since the first Avengers exit. However, Ruffalo is always welcome.

  1.     Captain America

The most boring avenger should be Captain America on paper. Yet Chris Evans is at the wheel, in every movie he was in, the patriot super strong OAP who fought in the 2nd World War, his righteous ideals never being overweight. With his pure heart, Captain America is indeed one of the ultimate superheroes.

  1.     Spider Man

Spider Man’s back. Spider Man’s back. Again. Tom Holland was always preoccupied with making references to the Star Wars but also able to converse consistently to members of the other sex, whereas Tobey Maguires’ webslinger was an out-and-out Dork, while the Andrew Garfield version was perhaps too slicken to truly be Peter Parker. Marvel Studios succeeded in bringing Spider-Man into their film universe – a miracle that led him to feel this new third time.

  1. Mantis

The forgotten Mantis is there only to count. It is of no help that she was introduced to Kurt Russell’s boring villain Ego in Guardians of Vol 2, one of the poorest MCU films to yet. Mantis is drowned out in a dense ensemble by the bigger figures.

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