Everyone is taken by surprise by The Gossip Girl reboot

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The highly awaited HBO Max relaunch of the popular adolescent drama “Gossip Girl” has come out, making the show exactly as a 2021 issue of “Gossip Girl.” Songs on the album are “Super Rich Children” from Frank Ocean, and the Gossip Girl spreads their information using an anonymous Instagram account, not from a website.

The official description of the show from HBO Max is as follows: “The original Gossip Girl website shut down nine years ago. However, after a New York generation of young elites took over Constance Billard private school, the famed blogger thanked their scandalous life as the leading source.”

The original fans were surprised to hear how they were in the reboot teaser. Most of the comments on YouTube are enthusiastic about the new Gossip Girl’s goodness and darkness. “It gives what the OG GG pilot was doing,” wrote Rochelle Wilson, a user of YouTube. 

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“The original Gossip Girl does not look like this,” Nocchi said. “And it’s incredible! Oh, my god, I’m so pumped.” “While I am a little concerned about a show such as this taking it too seriously, it might be quite good. The feeling is different and darker,” wrote another. “I’m going to check it out certainly!”

The cast contains young actors such as Emily Alyn Lind, Eli Brown, Whitney Peak, Thomas Doherty, Jordan Alexander, and Tavi Gevinson. “I love trying to shy off the original and take your PLUS. This whole cast is SO HOT,” wrote Regan Nye. Other fans like the heteronormative characters of the original. Santiago Giraldo wrote, “ThE WAY NO IS STRAIGHT LMAO.” Allan Largiovisol wrote, “Love the fact that there aren’t straight men HAHAHA yaaaas.”

Because the new “Gossip Girl” is on HBO Max, not on a broadcast network, the budget is bigger and the content edgier, which fans have not overlooked. “That seems high budget, oooh,” IT wrote. “CW hahaha, goodbye.”

Many fans observed a tone and style similar to the slim Spanish teen soap “Elite,” a descendent of the original Gossip Girl. And when Kristen Bell was back, fans lost her utterly as Gossip Girl’s voice, who tells the narrative. “I let out the SCREECH when I heard the voice of Kristen Bell,” wrote Vela. “Don’t scream at me about the fact that we’re going to listen to every episode to Kristen Bell saying,’ XOXO Gossip Girl… you know you love me”

Altogether fans were thrilled that the relaunch, which had been sceptically announced, would appear to stand up to the original without duplicating it. Lillian Josephine wrote: “It gave everything critics said it wouldn’t.”

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