A tense call between Michelle and her ex-fiancé Ben starts in Cloverfield Lane, played by none other than Bradley Cooper, a designate of the Oscar winner. Although Cooper is a famous star, his brief role is only heard and not seen. 

Here’s a summary of his cameo appearance in 10 Cloverfield Lane.


Cloverfield’s metaphysical series follows Michelle as she wakes up after a bus accident in an underground shelter. She meets up with two men named Emmett and Howard who are telling her that there was a nuclear assault on land.

The car accident of Michelle caused 10 Cloverfield Lane incidents, and if she didn’t have her contact with Ben it definitely would not have occurred. It said that an A-list actor would give his voice to such a wide scene.

The cameo of Cooper is like Ben, who defineth the anxious paranoid mood of the film. But even though the scene is very thin, if it were not because of its connexions with anyone from the Cloverfield universe, it would not have been possible.

J.J Abrams arranged everything for Bradley Cooper’s cameo role

J.J Abrams is the creator of Cloverfield and Abrams is why Cloverfield Lane 10 cameo was made by Bradley Cooper. In his spy thriller Pseudonym in 2001, Abrams cast a young and green Cooper. The show allowed Cooper to launch his career from start to finish, making him the A-list director and actor as considered to be today.

Director Dan Trachtenberg discovered that Ben’s voice hadn’t been cast at one point when he shot 10 Cloverfield Lane. Many crew members and Trachtenberg himself were ready to lend their voices. To see how he should execute this short part, Abrams suggested getting Cooper on the phone and the rest is history.


The role of Ben in ten Cloverfield Lane was a tiny but critical one. The film drips full of anxiety and fear, which is early set during the call with Ben by Michelle. She’s at the edges of the film as a whole, and the call begins. Horror films usually proceed to a happy place for their stars until things descend.

Trachtenberg took an aggressive decision to subvert horror film conventions and to take Michelle to a traumatic position in her life, and this call was the best way to create this sensation. 

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