Everything on The Manifest changes after The Saanvi Theory

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The unforeseen annulment of NBC’s “Manifest” was just as surprising as the supernatural enigma that threatens viewers for the three-season period. Whilst the storey of flight 828 and its passengers seems to end, admirers can still tell what they saw.

Saanvi Bahl, a Voyage 828 passenger who landed in New York City 5 years after the flight started to see that her research has helped rescue hundreds of young people from cancer, is one of the fascinating characteristics of the “Manifest.” Saanvi soon becomes interested personally and scientifically in the weird premonitions she has undergone since returning to the modern world.

Invited even by Robert Vance (Daryl Edwards, director), she is called to join the NSA task force, Project Eureka, and help the company reach a meaningful conclusion on Flug 828.

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Towards the end of Season 2, Saanvi tries to cure himself and Zeke (Matt Long), a hiker who reappeared in the wild and has visions of the exact nature. These attempts unintentionally have side consequences on Saanvi, triggering a fan hypothesis that changes everything on “Manifesto.”

Saanvi is called upon to develop a remedy since Zeke is about to die in his future – a call delivered. Zeke set a frostbite case which seemed to assure that he died the day the visions were mentioned, and Saanvi created a means for removing the blood markers of DNA, which she felt were responsible for.

Saanvi takes it by herself to test her treatment. However, immediate adverse effects are caused by extreme, short-term memory loss and the failure to remember what she has done earlier that day, as though they were still together, and the surprise kissing of her ex in public.

Reddit fans theorised that when Saanvi removed these blood indicators, she created two worlds to attempt and synthesise her brain that caused the breakdown. Fullonfacepalmist requested the Reddit user, “Could the memory loss of Saanvi constitute a reversal to her life before the flight? It seems that between two universes, she was caught.”

These effects seem to show that it can be alarming to try to prevent calls. Only some episodes later, when Zeke follows his appeals to save Cal (Jack Messina) in Mountain Catskill and survive death, “Manifest” appears to have shown that the sole option to escape a date of death is to follow those visions.

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