Everything That Is There To Know About Angels Of Death Season 2

Everything That Is There To Know About Angels Of Death Season 2
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About Angels Of Death Season 2

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Angels of Death is an anime of horror adapted from Makoto Sanada’s hometown video game. J.C.Staff produced the 16-episode series and launched it on 6 July 2018. Kentarō Suzuki directs the animated film with Yoshinobu Fujioka’s writings, Lantis’ compositions of Noisycroak and Miki Matsumoto’s design of characters, which is also head of animations. 

The opening subject was played “Vital,” while Masaaki Endoh played “Pray,” under Rachel’s character name. Haruka Chisuga was the final subject of the show. Crunchyroll with English subtitles and Funimation are also streamed into an English dub.

Diehard otakus worldwide have been expecting the release for the previous two and a half years of Anime Angels Of Death Season 2. The fans were terrified by his first season, but they adored his dark horror tone simultaneously. As a result, the second instalment demand increased immediately after the first one was concluded.

Angels Of Death, also known as Satsuriku no Tenshi, is a Japanese anime series for psychological horror. It partly follows the plot of Makoto Sanada’s video game series. It was published in 2015 and was a worldwide hit after Steam was introduced. JC Staff chose, therefore, to convert the storey into an animation that first took place on 6 July 2018. It had 16 episodes in it and ended on 28 October. 

Most anime shows follow their plot by a manga or a light book. However, the episodes that follow the storyline of a video game series fall into the third group. But the bad news is that the video game’s tale has already finished. They have also indicated that their sequel will not be published in a mood. Thus, JC Staff in Angels Of Death Season 2 has nothing to adapt to. The video game manufacturers, however, announced a prequel. Therefore, the production business has sufficient source material to provide a prequel story instead of a sequel.

Everything That Is There To Know About Angels Of Death Season 2
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Angels Of Death Season 2 Release Date

The opening installation of this show impressed the audience in no time. His aggressive tone kept them tangled to the end of the whole series of episodes. After the end of their first season, supporters thought they’d soon witness their sequel too. 

It never happened, however. JC Staff did not update the last season until now. The manufacturers are also quite tightly informed regarding their future. No green light or Angels Of Death Season 2 have yet been cancelled. The fans, therefore, hope to announce the renewal of their favourite animation sooner or later.

Stage 1 was shown on 6 July 2018, and we didn’t hear much about Death’s Angels 2, while the designers chose to give them a surprise concerning its fans. As a result, some memorable episodes will occur between 5 October and 28 October to keep fans happy.

The release date for the second season is not there. However, this is not a big reason for concern, considering animes typically take up to 5 years or occasionally ten years to complete a sequel or following edition.

As mentioned, it was just two years since the first one finished in 2018, which is a short timeframe. The first time was just two years. Maybe in these two years, the creators will be working on several other works and next year’s Angels of Death.

In addition, we keep our fingers crossed. While this happens, you may watch anime such as Fairy Tail, My Academia or you can use other web series such as Wanted Season 4.

Everything That Is There To Know About Angels Of Death Season 2
Source: Webbies World

Angels Of Death Season 2 Cast Details

That’s not something we have much knowledge about, but the sequel never changes as anime characters are known. So this time, too, the ancient characters will stay. So let us resurrect them again.

  • Haruka Chisuga is Rachael Gardner
  • Meg McClain is Rachael Gardner
  • Dallas Reid is Isaac Foster
  • Derick Snow is Daniel Dickens
  • R.Bruce Elliot is Abhram Gray
Everything That Is There To Know About Angels Of Death Season 2
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Angels Of Death Season 2 Plot Details

This is Rachel’s story, who is 13 years old. One day when she got up, she found herself stuck in a historic cellars building. Rachel slept calmly without knowing what would happen to her next.

It stunned and dropped Rachel there, and she has no idea where she is and does not even remember it, missing the memories to find her house.

She encounters an injured man on her journey across her whole body full of bandages. Both the girl and the stranger now decide to stay with each other and discover a way out of the building.

This is the first plot, and the second is in doubtful areas, but we hope to see some great chemistry between the two major routes. Perhaps this time, their love storey is on track.

There is no trailer at this stage, as the series has not yet been confirmed. However, after a green signal is received from the series, we could hope for the trailer.

There’s no clue for the release of season 2 at this stage, but certainly, let’s want to know something more in the future. We will update on the same post if we get the latest knowledge.

For quite some time, the fans asked themselves about the sequel of the anime. But such shows typically take four to five years to renovate. So, a lot of time remains. The average score for Satsuriku no Tenshi is 6.88 on MAL. Some issues can be seen in the critical reviews, but the audience enjoyed it. 

Because of the lack of source material, however, fans will probably not see Angels Of Death Season 2 release. There is a slight chance of a prequel series instead of a sequel. Well, we can’t guarantee that the series will ever go back in any form before the studio confirms. However, when the green flag arrives, we vow to update this section.

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