Everything that is there to know about Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune

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On Saturday, 30 June at 8 p.m. East, “Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune” will open on both Discovery and Discovery. The premiere will be given to the franchise in 2021. The spin-off series, entitling Discovery +, entitled “Gold Rush: Freddy Dodge’s Mine Rescue,” was launched in early January, the 4th. On 19 March, his final Season 11 took place in the main programme “Gold Rush.” “Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine” premiered the same day as that finale. On 25 June, his first season was over. The fourth season of “Gold Rush: Whitewater” ended on 12 March.

Discovery also reported that the principal cast members, all starring at earlier “Gold Rush” series, were present at the press release “Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune.” It’s Tony Beets, Rick Ness, Dave Turin, Dustin Hurt, Fred Lewis. The press release also revealed what each person is going to face this season. In recent years the price of gold has skyrocketed and has triggered a so-called “modern land grabbing” Discovery. 

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Long-term miner Tony Beets, also known as ‘The Klondike Kings,’ has just come down a year, with a risky expenditure of several million dollars to modernise his digging machines. Rick Ness and his staff are looking for a bigger way to expand their activities. Dave Turin will go back to the Klondike River and raise as much ground as possible, who has played on his show about the rehabilitation of abandoned mines. Finally, Fred Lewis, a rookie, will aim to demonstrate that he has everything to do following a $12,000-decrease last season.

“Gold Rush: Winter’s Fortune” is filmed in two primary places, as most of the “Gold Rush” shows: the Alaska panhandle around Haines and the Yukon Klondike region. The Paradise Hill, which lies in the Yukon, is Tony Beets’ mine. For 25 years, the Beets family has worked on the claim. Rick Ness had previously been employed by Parker Schnabel, a cast member of the “Gold Rush,” but he recently launched his own company. Ness opened the mine in 2020 near Yukon’s Keno City.

 The claim of Dave Turin was not announced yet. He will most probably work on a new claim based on the press release. During the “Gold Rush” Season 11, Fred Lewis’ claims are located near Sumpter, Oregon, but he has also worked for Schnabel before. In the Porcupine District of Alaska, near Haines, Dustin Hurt is claiming. It must be a spectacular TV season.

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