Everything that needs to be known about Buffering ITV premiere date

Source: Radio Times

The next step is taking forward Iain Stirling’s relation with ITV. Yes, it’s correct: the narrator on Love Island has his own Buffering TV show, which will be released in 2021.

Steve Bugeja and Stirling have co-created, co-written and identified Buffering as their “passion project.” The show’s subjects are a group of 20 who explore the “everyday problems of a thousand-year life.”

Six episodes are scheduled to be buffered and will be broadcast on ITV2 in August 2021. TBC is an accurate date and time.

In March 2021, filming was wrapped, and Stirling wrote on Instagram at the beginning of July: “I began working on a Sitcom years ago. The Buffering was that sitcom. It eventually was over for years of pitch, write, redraw, cast, composing, filming, performance and COVID safetying.”

Source: Radio Times

ITV tackled a short trailer during the Euro ad break that Stirling shared on Twitter: “It’s one thing to watch your first television ad from your show; it’s another thing to watch it during a Scottish game. True dreams come true things. This August, ITV2 will be “buffering.” It’s good, I’ve worked so hard, and the best people have worked on it. So fortunate that we have the actors and crew. And my co-creator @stevebugejacomedy shouts the biggest thing, the genuine brains in the outfit. Watch it.” 

The sitcom follows the character of Iain Stirling, often known as Iain, who is a TV presenter for kids. His relationship with television producer Olivia is “complex,” he is.

Iain’s cottages are Rosie, Greg, Ashley, and Thalia, and Robbie’s ancient flame is also known to us. ITV said the characters “will endure the trials of thousands of years together. But, as a generation raised to believe you must live the perfect life, these buddies will find that it’s all right to fail again and again.”

“This programme has been a project of passion for myself and Steve for several years, so it’s a dream to see it created,” Iain Stirling said. “I cannot give sufficient thanks to ITV2 for their faith in me over the years.” 

We are looking forward to Buffering because this sounds like something fun already. 

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