A crown, Netflix series focusing on Princess Diana has been in the stories continuously. The third season of The Crown came out last year and since then fans are waiting for its fourth season.

The highlights of the story!

It was shown that the royal family enters the 1980s and the story will involve more Princess and Prince of Wales. 

We will also see the queen’s dynamic with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. 

Release Date for the fourth season of The Crown

The filming of the fourth season started in August 2019 and it is announced by the makers and streamers that we will have the next season of 10 episodes on 15th November 2020. 

The streamer has also released a trailer for the show with a glimpse of Margaret Thatcher and Princess Diana. You can see the trailer for the fourth season of The Crown here- 

The cast for The Crown Season 4

The Crown production had already decided to recast the series every two seasons and as this is the fourth season which means we will see the same cast as in the third season. The main cast includes Olivia Colman playing Queen Elizabeth II, Tobias Menzies playing Prince Philip, and Helena Bonham Carter playing Princess Margaret. 

We will also see Emma Corrin playing debut in Season 4 as Princess Diana. Josh O’Connor will also play a big role in the upcoming season as Prince Charles.

What is there to know more about the series?

It is heard that we will have two more seasons for the series. Initially, it was decided that the fifth season will be the last season for the show but in 2020, Netflix confirmed for the sixth season as the last season. 


The show is loved by the viewers and fans and they are eagerly waiting for the upcoming seasons to come out. So stay tuned with us for more updates and information and keep reading.


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