For two years in a row, Paramount+ subscribers have enjoyed “Why Women Kill.” A high-class California gardening club fights for dominance in the 1940s. While the first season centred on the deadly residents of a Pasadena, California estate spanning several decades, the second season has altered things up dramatically by taking place in one location and period. They were filled with family drama, soap opera romance, and high-camp black humour in that classic Marc Cherry style.

The third season of “Why Women Kill” has not yet been announced. On the streaming service Paramount+, summer shows are frequently renewed or cancelled after just a few weeks of their last episodes showing. So there’s a good chance a decision will be made soon. The show was renewed for a second season in mid-October of last year, the same day its final episode was posted. It is hoped that “Why Women Kill” will be renewed for a third season shortly.

Covid-19-related regulations in California forced the show to record through the winter of 2020 and into the spring of 2021 last year. Assuming “Why Women Kill” is renewed in October and filming goes smoothly, the third season is expected to premiere in the early summer of 2019. Season 3 is most likely to air between June and July, which is the same time range as the second season.

Alternatively, Paramount+ could wait until late August or mid-October to telecast the show, like it did in the first season. In the meanwhile, it’s a guessing game. 

No plot details have been announced for the third season of “Why Women Kill,” and there’s no way to know what themes or characters it will address at this time due to the anthology nature of the series and the intentional absence of an overarching storyline that connects previous seasons to the latest.

What period the show would visit instead is an exciting subject for speculation. Maybe single ladies will be Cherry’s next subject because the show focuses on desperate homemakers. What era will the show time travel to next? Perhaps the 1920’s? Is anyone willing to kill to become a free and easy flapper? The far-off 1960s: Will we explore cults and murders? Cocaine, cake, and glitter: will there be an adventure in the 1970s?

It’s up to Marc Cherry to decide how to handle his latest group of violent, trendy, desperate divas, and whatever twist he comes up with is likely to be entertaining.



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