Everything to know about You Season 3

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You confirmed your third season, which is no surprise considering the show’s popularity. In the second season, Joe Goldberg, Penn Badgley, came in immediately after *that* season with the thriller, which began at Lifetime before Netflix snaps it off.

The show purposely misguided the audience to the impression that Joe murdered his former acquaintance Candace Stone (Ambyr Childers), an assumption that we may add because of his behaviour.

You’ve been fleeing Candace and tried to kill Guinevere Beck (Elizabeth Lail) and her closest friend Peach Salinger in the second chapter, identifying himself as Will Bettelheim (Shay Mitchell).

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Joe/Will had a quest to acquire a new work at another bookstore and prove that he can rescue himself. Of course, this had a great deal with the fact that he looked at a new, cleverly called Love Quinn, love interest.

But Love turned out to be no better than Joe in a startling twist, killing Candace and Delilah to save their relationship with the show’s lead.

Filming is formally ended up, meaning that it is on the edit and one step closer to the three-year arrival. But Netflix announced that you would hit Q4 screens together with Cobra Kai and The Witcher, so we still have quite some wait on our hands.

The showrunner Sera Gamble tweeted after commending the attitude of the cast and crews for following the stringent established parameters from Covid: “The episodes are fine, and the performances are outstanding. “We are prepared to talk about the upcoming season,” she says.

In season two of You, we received some answers – like what was happening with Joe and Candace and why they had “unfinished business” with him – but so many questions remained with us. It was Love who assassinated Joe’s neighbour Delilah AND his ex Candace, as we said.

We can expect a lot of craziness from the third season because now Joe has someone who is similarly twisted like him. 

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