The Oktoberfest – the world’s greatest folk festival – must already be known to adventure and travelers. This annual festival, held in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, from September to October each year, is renowned for the endless supply of Oktoberfest beer.

Netflix, with its provoking drama ‘Oktoberfest: Beer & Gore’ in 2020, made mass celebrations unlikely, agreed to celebrate this festival digitally.

This original German taps power, politics, and murder at the turn of the 20th century – a deep brew of brass. The ‘Oktoberfest: Beer & Blood’ is a seductive watch to be taken to a cocktail of ‘Peaky Blinders,’ ‘Boardwalk Empire’ and ‘Deadwood’ ingredients.

Release date

There is not a release date at this time, but the hint is in the name of whether Netflix decides to cash in the same news about the first season.

It is entirely fair to release an October 2021 release, only if the schedule succeeds, given the limitations of the Covid-19 film still in place. It is clear to see how a show based on a major drunk people case would be a challenge in a shooting.

Oktoberfest: Cast of Beer & Blood: Who’s in it?

MišelMatičević is an adventurous breeder who can spend a lot of time in a luxury drink hall and seeking a rich sponsor for his daughter Clara (Mercedes Muller). ‘Bear & Blood’ stars Mišel Matić and Curt Prank.

The Hoflingers elite is in his path, though. Including Maria Hoflinger, Martina Gedeck, IgnatzHoflinger, and Klaus Steinbacher, Roman Hoflinger, were Francis Fulton-Smith. A risky scandal leads to Roman (son of the family). Clara gets involved. Like ColinaKandl and Maximilian Brückner, Brigitte Hobmeier is going to complete the lead cast.

The plot of the story

In the 1900s, ‘Beer & Blood’ brings us to Munich, where the city is all set up to celebrate the Oktoberfest, the long-standing annual beer-brewing festival. However, by the arrival of a beginner, an ambitious brewer named Mr. Prank, the group is broken. With a sly scheme, he is an outsider.

It intends to substitute all the tiny degustation boots with a large beer hall, which can accommodate up to 6,000 delicacies. When Mr. Prank attempts to climb up the performance ladder and on the Oktoberfest map make his name, his ambitions are derailed by the elite of Munich.

And his greatest opponent is the owner of the famous Haflinger clan, the Devil’s Brew. Naturally, with the clash, the beer is free to flow alongside ample blood!

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