Everything We Know About Star Trek 4

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The wait is over now Star Trek looks all set to come up with its 4th season after so long. Eager to know everything about it?  Hold On! We are here to let you know all about Star Trek 4 like it’s the release date, story details, cast. However, with J.J. Abrams’ quasi-reboot Star Trek we can say the Star Trek film franchise began in the year 2009. 

In 2013 the first sequel of this film was released named- Star Trek Into Darkness. The film ended up as a box office hit and also hinted at as a clear track for its upcoming sequels. However, sometimes it doesn’t happen as expected, the same can be said for the second sequel in 2016, Star Trek Beyond.  Although, the film was greeted warmly by fans and critics, but has to struggle a lot in the box office. After this Trek’s future got a question mark. 

Moreover, there were several releases in Trek’s lineup. After the second sequel and also franchise successfully released the 3rd sequel and got a box office hit. Now, reports are pointing to the upcoming 4th sequel of the series. Here we have all that you should know about it. 

Star Trek 4: Release Date-

Currently, there’s no update regarding the official release date for the upcoming Star Trek 4. Moreover, the franchise yet not disclosed the appointed director and producer which it normally does 2-3 years before the release. As the Star Trek 4th sequel is confirmed to hit the theatres it will more likely come in the year 2023 or 2024. 

Star Trek 4: Cast-

So far there’s no official confirmation about the cast members going to feature in the fourth sequel. However, it’s from Zachary Quinto who confirmed that Spock is all set to return in the fourth sequel.  

Well, it’s pretty sure that main figures from its previous three sequels have to return in this sequel as it’s a time travel story. If you remembered what happened in 2009’s Star Trek then the return of Chris Hemsworth’s George Kirk will not shock you. This is a short clue, its not the right time to claim everything as surety before the official confirmation. 

Star Trek 4: Plot-

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Till now, there’s no story hints or plot prediction from leakers. This makes one thing site that Star Trek is undoubtedly under one corporate umbrella again. If we look into the previous Star Trek’s releases which are based on the different mythos and come out as an exploring feature film. From this, we can expect the 4th sequel as a featuring film too with time travelling involved. 

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