Everything you need to know about Call My Agent UK reboot

Source: Knowinsiders

A wide variety of big name and talent would be brought in together by Call My Agent UK which has just been announced. The series is known to be a reboot of the French smash-hit which goes by the same name. It would be developed by Headline Pictures and here’s everything you need to know about the popular release.

The series is likely to drop sometime in late 2021 or early 2022 considering the current production phase of the series. However, there has not been any particular release date out. So, we cannot comment definitely on this part. There has also been some news regarding the original French series which is gearing up to get its fifth season out and gradually even its upcoming movie.

Source: Knowinsiders

Netflix has already acquired the original French show which has made it even more popular abroad, let alone in France. The cast in the series would be led by Lydia Leonard who is best known for her role Absentia. She would be starring as Rebecca in Call My Agent UK. Along with her, we would also get to witness Jack Davenport (well known for his phenomenal performance in Pirates of the Caribbean), Prasana Puwanarajah (Patrick Melrose) and Maggie Stead (popularly known for Chewing Gum).

In addition to these cast members, the screen would also be shared by Hiftu Quasem (Killing Eve) and Harry Trevaldwyn (The King). Talking about the details surrounding the trailer of the show, currently, there has not been one as we are not expecting the show to show up anytime soon. We will update the page if the team puts up a trailer anytime.


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