Everything you need to know about Holby City’s death cliffhanger

Source: Digital Spy

There’s no doubt in the fact that as long as Holby City exists, cliffhangers are sure to be your friends. They are sure to trouble and intrigue you at the same time. The closing moments of tonight’s episode were indeed flawless with Kian confirming that Reyhan passed away just after a few hours he had been brought into the hospital as he was not doing well.

There’s guarantee in the fact that tonight’s mystery is sure to spark a huge mystery. In addition to that, it will be soon clear if anybody is holding a very guilty secret about what really, actually happened. The questions may be moving around your head continuously regarding Reyhan’s death and whether it was sudden or natural or whether some or the other foul play had been involved or no.

Source: Digital Spy

We could not get any definitive answers in the last episode and credits roller over sooner. We are quite sure that next week’s episode will have at least a few of our core questions answered as an investigation is bound to be launched.

Hanssen’s world had been turned upside down when Reyhan had been bought back into the hospital. Reyhan had been awaiting for his trail regarding him abusing one of his pupils. Hanssen was in full plan of giving evidence in the court. In fact, this was so as he had done this earlier, bravely spoken up about his own abuse from Reyhan when he had been a child.

Moreover, if you still have doubts regarding Reyhan’s death then you can rely on the spoilers of next week as according to the plotline, Reyhan’s death indeed looks suspicious. Thus, this in turn is generating a spark related to the huge mystery about who really could have committed a crime like this.


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