Everything you need to know about Master of None Season 3

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We do know for a fact that fans are eagerly waiting for yet another season of Master of None since two years now. The first season of the series premiered two years back and since then we have not heard any news related to the series yet. Additionally, fans were not going to keep quiet after witnessed Dev’ sweet but ambiguous final scene in the first season with Francesca. This move had definitely kept the viewers waiting for a really long time while still keeping the spirit alive.

The star and co-creator did give a statement to Vulture back in 2017 that he had been clueless about the show’s future. Now, it is up to you whether you wish to believe the same or no. We are saying this because it feels the third season is all geared up to return to Netflix yet again this May. The plot details of the third season of the series were revealed by the streaming giant itself in April 2021. In addition to that, it had been reported by the British comedy website Chortle that the show was filmed in London.

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This can certainly be a change as compared to the other seasons as they were duly shot in Italy and New York. Moreover, in an official press release, it was revealed that the third season of Master of None would consist of five episodes in total. It is clear that these episodes are bound to reflect on Marriage and families for most of their screen time but rumors ay that the focus this time would just not be on Dev’s character.

In fact, we are quite sure that the focus of the show would be onto Waithe’s character, Denise, this time.


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