Everything you need to know about ‘Onyx Equinox’


People are already so hyped for Crunchyroll’s upcoming original series, which has certainly caused a stir in the anime industry. The most different aspect of Onyx Equinox is that it is not derived from any manga nor is it based on a webtoon.

It is an original animated series due to which it is quite possible for the anime to take a making-time of somewhere close to that of Avatar’s, that is, 13 years long. 

Sofia Alexander seems to be the backbone of this animated series as she is the executive producer of the anime and has been also illustrating and creating Onyx Equinox. In addition to that, she has also done the job of voicing some of the characters in the anime and here’s everything you need to know about the same. 

Release date

Previously, Onyx Equinox was a part of Crunchyroll’s summer releases but it remained as some of the best-laid plans due to the ongoing pandemic that has disrupted the film procedures further.

The series was then delayed to the Fall 2020 and now its release date has been scheduled for November 21, 2020. The anime will be available in English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, and Brazilian for audiences worldwide.


The interesting plot of Onyx Equinox resides in an area named Mesoamerica in ancient times wherein there are man-eating demons traveling the Earth and wrecking everything in their wake for humans. This is due to their hatred for humans wherein they are capable of using all their might to damage them. 

The plot mainly is dependent on a bet between gods which is centered on the survival of the human race and its future. A young boy named Izel is the hero of Onyx Equinox who is handpicked as humanity’s representative by the gods in this game of wrath and destruction. 


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