Everything you need to know about Orville Season 3

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The Orville is no doubt become one of the favorites of all the sci-fi lovers who love a hint of comedy in their genre segment. The show has been created by Seth MacFarlane of Family Guy fame following the precedent set by the likes of Star Trek. The crew of the titular ship is kept in focus in the series which is based in the 25th century. The crew embarks on a completely different journey wherein they are at a mission of exploring the various different parts of the galaxy.

The show has moved ahead of its time and has been renewed for two seasons so far after the premiere of the show in September 2017. The second season ended with a massive cliffhanger. Since then, two years have already passed but we didn’t really get to witness another season or even some news regarding its renewal. There was news regarding the cancellation of the show due to which fans nearly lost interest in yet another season.

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The second season of The Orville premiered on Fox on December 30, 2018, wherein the last episode aired on April 25, 2019. The season had an average runtime of 48 minutes per episode and lasted for 14 episodes long. And here’s some good news for the fans. You were all served with a rumor regarding the cancellation of the show. And we are pretty sure this might have disappointed you a little after witnessing the cliffhanger you did towards the end of Season 2.

However, these rumors are indeed rumors. The show has been now renewed for yet another season which would be nothing but the third installment in the science fiction series. The season began filming in October 2019. However, the production house had to face a lot many hurdles due to the pandemic.


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