Everything you need to know about Sexify

Source: IMDb

Netflix viewers are eagerly waiting to witness the debut season of Sexify which would soon be releasing on the platform on Wednesday, April 28. Fans of shows like Bridgerton and Who Killed Sara are expected to love this new series as well. However, this is just a small prediction we could make. The final response would already be taking into account the ratings by the viewers as well as the critics involved.

The viewers in the US will also be getting access to each of these episodes and it is certain to happen from midnight. Now, talking about the episodes, these will be 40-minute long episodes that are likely to be released all at once for the audience to binge-watch. On the other hand, if you are located somewhere else other than the US, like in the UK or anywhere else, then certainly you would have to wait a little longer.

Source: Netflix

Maybe you will get the episodes all at once by 8 am in the morning. The streaming giant has recently participated in describing the series and the three main highlight words that were used by the streaming giant were intimate, quirky, and heartfelt.

The series follows a tech-loving student, Natalia (played by Aleksandra Skraba) who certainly aspires to be a software engineer in the near future. The series follows her life events wherein she is seen experiencing difficulties in navigating intimate relationships. To understand sex, she has two friends she can completely rely on Paulina (played by Maria Sobocinska) and Monika (played by Sandra Drzymalska). The story then moves forward to take a few disastrous turns as well.

The trailer has been already out wherein you can pretty much understand what sort of a girl Natalia actually is.


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