Everything you need to know about Star Trek: Discovery Season 4

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Discovery’s third season seems to have certainly warped its cast and crew into a distant and rather strange future. Star Trek: Discovery is now looking forward to returning the 55-year-old franchise to the most familiar and accepted mission it undertook of exploring all the possible strange new worlds and then seeking out room for new life and further new civilizations. They find their feet in the 32nd century while making this return to their original agenda.

The warp travel had been eliminated for over a century but the Starfleet Michel Burnham, Tilly, Saru, and the rest of the team found out the perfect cause behind the ‘Burn’ that helped in its elimination. However, they kickstarted the rebirth of the Federation in the form of galactic power in the process. Thus, this developmental process took them to reopening further diplomatic channels with several other planets such as Earth and Ni’Var (which is formerly known as Vulcan).

Now, there’s certainly more opportunity for Star Trek: Discovery to jump and go all out where no one has ever gone before. But it would be good to see Captain Burnham’s vision now that she has taken the leadership torch in her hands. Moreover, there’s another important question related to Saru that is lingering about her returning to the Starfleet fold or staying around on his homeworld of Kaminar!

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The new season was previously announced on October 16, 2020, which was soon after season 3’s debut. The filming too began soon after on November 2, 2020. However, there is some kind of inner working going on in the Discovery project due to which the release date hasn’t bee revealed yet by the authorities. 

In addition to that, the plot of the upcoming installment has not been revealed either but it is certain that this time there won’t be any way to get back to their original 23rd century home as in the case of Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) in Season 3.


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