Everything you need to know about Stranger Things Season 4

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Just three months after the premiere of the third season, Netflix was up with goods news for fans. The streaming service renewed the show for yet another season and guess what, Season 4 will soon be popping up on the streaming giant. Fans speculated that the third season would be the final one considering the fact that Netflix majorly supports trilogies but Stranger Things was beyond certain exceptions, isn’t it?

On the other hand, it is not just Netflix who wishes to continue with the Stranger Things franchise but The Duffer Brothers are also wanting to continue with it. If this wasn’t the case then they would have never kept the hopes of Jim Hooper’s survival and additionally, would have never taken a keen step of reintroducing the Demogorgon in the world.

Courtesy: What’s on Netflix

This tells us that the fourth season had been very well planned before the third season got to the audience. However, it is hard to say when exactly will we get to witness the upcoming installment on the streaming giant. If we look back at the previous patterns then the first two season premiered in October. However, the third one couldn’t keep up the pace and showed up sometime in July, 2019.

According to a few reliable reports, the cast and crew had begun shooting in January and was most likely to pack up sometime in August. However, the production procedures were pushed back due to the shut down owing to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The show finally found a date to resume the shooting process sometime in October and the location chosen this time was Atlanta. Talking about the cast, all alive characters are expected to return to the upcoming season, considering the fact that the cast holds the utmost importance in the show.


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