Everything you need to know about the fifth Season of Ackley Bridge

Source: Otakukart

Auckley Bridge’s fourth series’ finale is scheduled to air tonight wherein you will be witnessed the West Yorkshire school students attending the wedding of Johnny and his secret fiancée Rose. Whether you have finished binge-watching the entire series or whether you are just stuck up somewhere in between, majority of the fans have one particular question that seems to be common: Will there be a fifth season of the show on the Channel 4?

The series released on the Channel 4 with their 30-minute episodes at its new teatime slot. More importantly, this season gave a chance to explore new relationships, new characters, and new family dynamics as well. But the question that persists is whether all of this creation and ideation has a future or no.

Source: Otakukart

There is no official announcement regarding the school drama making a comeback on the Channel 4 as of now. However, we all would agree that if the Ackley Bridge series does not make a return to the network, then it would surely be a huge surprise to the audience. This is because the previous season were loved by the viewers and the fact that the change in timing was not much impactful in the negative sense, shows that the audience is really liking the show.

In addition to that, the writers and makers have given in their all to introduce a number of storylines in the show, from Jules and Martin’s relationship to the aftermath of Johnny and Rose’s wedding. Certainly, the viewers are looking forward to exploring further into these storylines.


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