Everything you need to know about the Friends Reunion episode!

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There’s no other option when it comes to binge-watching an American sitcom that can instantly light up your mood. The simple answer to it would be: FRIENDS. Undoubtedly, Friends has been the most loved and the most watched TV series all around the world. The craze is so huge that till today the cast members are being paid for their work that they have completed 17 years ago.

We all remember everything! Don’t we? From the Central Perk café to Monica’s iconic purple apartment, we have it engraved in us. And what about the six main characters! Unique on their own, their relationship with one another was one of the best things to watch during the show’s tenure. Even though the show ended long back in 2004, it is still being watched by millions of teenagers and adults via Netflix and Comedy Central in the UK. 

Unfortunately, we haven’t seen the six main characters together on screen after 2004. We were desperately waiting for a Friends Reunion Specials but the pandemic spoiled it for everybody. It was initially planned to happen but makers could not start with filming process due to the lockdown that was soon imposed. But finally, the posters been out and we’re finally getting the thing we waited for, for almost 17 years!!

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All of this was scheduled to happen in March 2020 but better late than never. Numerous fans all around the world got to their social media accounts to celebrate this new development. Moreover, if you do not know what is going to happen in this Special episode then here’s what you need to know: All will be them! 

The characters won’t appear as Monica, Ross, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe, and Chandler, instead, they’ll make an appearance as themselves.


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