Everything you need to know about the new ITV series, Hollington Drive

Source: Hello Magazine

Fans on ITV would surely be excited after hearing this news. They would soon be witnessing a new thriller series at the convenience of their home that has been titled Hollington Drive. Fans are eagerly waiting to know all they could possibly know about the series and here’s everything you need to know.

ITV has recently announced a four part TV series and the center of focus this time is the star-studded cast. You are bound to witness some familiar faces from The Haunting of Bly Manor and Line of Duty. The show is being created by screenwriter Sophie Petzal and its first announcement came out in February last year.

Source: Deadline

Later, in May 2021, we were allowed to know the cast members involved in the show. However, the makers were shrewd enough to not reveal the release date. Therefore, no release date has been confirmed as of now. Though we have an interesting photo which definitely suggests that the production process would be underway in Wales very shortly from now. A promotional photo having the cast in there is that one thing which gave us this phenomenal idea.

So, just by taking into consideration that there won’t be any further restrictions imposed on the production team, we can expect a release towards the end of 2021 or maybe sometime in the early 2022. The names of the cast members have already been out as said earlier, which includes Line of Duty’s Anna Maxwell Martin who was seen playing the role of antagonistic Patricia Carmichael in the prior series.

In this one, she would be in the role of one of the two sisters who is called Theresa. The second sister’s role, Helen, would be played by Rachael Stirling.


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