Everything you need to know about the sci-fi series – The OA

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You are definitely eager to witness what more is in store for you in the next season of Netflix’s The OA. This trippy sci-fi series has everything that can catch your eyeballs and keep you thinking more and more. And, additionally, if you are someone who has watched season 1 and have also got an opportunity to watch the next season as soon as it appeared in 2019 then this is everything you need to know about The OA series.

It all started with this one lady who fortunately or unfortunately was back home after a seven year long disappearance and this time there was not even a trace of blindness associated with her. You can call this woman Nina or Prairie or simply The OA. We slowly got to know her character as well as the people she was surrounded with over the course of two seasons. But season 2 ended on a different note.

Source: Netflix

We witnessed that Nina or Prairie or the OA was in a completely different dimension. Here she had been Brit wherein we are referring to Brit Marling (the actress who did justice to this character) and Hap is none other than Jason Isaacs. On the other hand, we get to know that Karim still remained in the previous dimension.

In addition to that, season 1’s ending also had a lot more to provide on a scale wherein we witnessed Prairie getting hospitalized as she was shot in the chest. But the fact that season 2 also ended kind of on the same note sends a few clues here. Just like Prairie being hospitalized, we witnessed the same with Brit who had to undergo this process due to some apparent on-set injury (at least it seemed to be like that).


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