Everything you need to know about the seventh and last season of Bosch

Source: Telegraph Star

The Amazon Prime Originals series Bosch is an American police procedural drama whose premise is surrounding a gritty atmosphere that certainly has mastered in drawing a few inspirations from fiction-based scenarios and reality as well. They were all set to start with the production and the making in general but couldn’t really get to starting the same due to the rapid widespread of Coronavirus which seems to not leave humanity even after spending a year on planet Earth.

The seventh season would be the upcoming one. However, the next season’s release date has not been confirmed yet. Though we can speculate here and think about it to arrive sometime in 2021. Rumors also say that the season would be a farewell to LA police detective Harry Bosch who would be certainly returning back to show.

Source: The Pop Break

There’s no doubt in the fact that this part of the season would be the highlight of the show. The show’s first season had been based on a novel that was written by Michael Connelly. In addition to that, the news about this season being the last one has deeply disheartened the fans of the show. Fans might have thought that the show had the capacity to still continue and stay running for a longer time but this sudden decision of concluding the show abruptly surely came as a shock to all.

The seventh season, which was undoubtedly the most demanded one after sixth season, was renewed on 13th February 2020 and the production began in full swing in September 2020. In addition to that, fans would be really happy to know that a spin-off of the show has been already confirmed by the official authorities.


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