Everything you need to know about the spinoff series of HIMYM: How I Met Your Father

Source: Screen Rant

By now you would be already knowing that there are a lot many How I Met Your Mother spinoffs in development. The projects had been announced in the past few years and the post production phase is finally on its mark to get the projects out and make a release. One is finally coming close to a release which is none other than – How I Met Your Father.

Hulu recently announced the spinoff series in April 2021 and we were informed that we would get to witness Hilary Duff in the series. The only difference in the show this time would be the reversal of genders. The concept of telling a story to its beloved predecessor is believed to be ingrained in this spinoff series as well.

Source: Screen Rant

How I Met Your Mother focused on how Ted Mosby (played by Josh Radnor) met his wife back in the day and in turn, the mother of his children. This series was an extremely popular one which began its rein in 2005 on CBS and went a long way for nine seasons. The announcement of How I Met Your Father was a great surprise for fans, however, we do not know whether there could possibly be any connection between the original series and this now.

As of now, no such details have been given out by the production team. The team was cautious enough to keep even the release date under the wrap. But from the inside, we all hope that there should be a connection, don’t we? However, even if there isn’t any, we’ll be still enjoying it!

The spinoff series would be implemented using the original series’ narrative voiceovers and structure of flashbacks wherein we will be witnessing Sophie (Duff) telling the story about how she met the father of her son to her son.


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