Everything you need to know about the Village Demo of Resident Evil

Source: Eurogamer

There’s no doubt in the fact that fans of Resident Evil would be more than excited about Resident Evil Village. The world has already got a peek at some smaller details by the trailer but we’re still eagerly waiting for the game to drop by and then enunciate what more interesting features are in store for us in the titular village.

Guess who has been lucky enough to try their hands on this new game and also got a chance of playing the new “Village Demo”. It is none other than PlayStation owners who made this mark on April 17. They certainly got a brief glimpse about what this game has to offer in entirety.

Source: Inverse

The makers have not revealed much but a sense of fright has been passed on by the demo. This is the perfect way to go because why reveal the surprise. Gamers have full rights to be thrilled by this venture we have been waiting for eternity to say rather. In addition to that, the werewolf-like monsters had been described as “roughly equivalent to the zombies of previous games in the series” whom we popularly know as Lycans, in a video preview from IGN.

This could very well be the lurking behind some plant growth which was captured by Ethan in the early stages of the Village demo. This beast seems to have some foresight and tact as to how to fight after a few beast retreats and warning shots. With information from an issue of Game Informer, this notion was then confirmed by games industry insider Dusk Golem on Twitter. He quoted that this beast seems to be and is certainly smarter and trickier than any other enemy from Resident Evil to date.


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