Everything you need to know about Wayne Season 2

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Wayne has undoubtedly proven to be the ultimate underdog on YouTube’s premium service since its 2019 premiere on the platform. In addition to that, the show was a hit both onscreen and off. The series revolves around the life of an angry teen named Wayne (played by Mark McKenna) who embarks on a road trip with his girlfriend Del (Ciara Bravo) but this trip is known to be bloody as they are certain to retrieve his dead father’s Pontiac Trans-Am.

There’s no doubt in the fact that it would all feel as if someone has put a John Green novel in a blender as the show gives a picture of a wild, profane ride. This novel ought to be mixed with Dirty Harry and then the viewers would be in love with the series. But to be honest, lack of fans was never a trouble for the show. In fact, Wayne functioned absolutely well even after being out of the scripted originals game.

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However, Wayne was given a second chance at life in November 2020 when Amazon Prime scooped up the streaming rights to Season 1. Since then the viewership has a risen to a great point after Wayne and Del’s jaw-dropping road trip adventure. In fact, the craze is such that viewers are now craving for something more than what they are actually been served with.

Unfortunately, the streaming giant has not renewed the show for yet another season but there’s no news regarding its cancellation as well. So, looking at its successful numbers, we are quite sure of the fact that the show would return to its beloved audience. But it still remains in a state of limbo.

Th critically-acclaimed teen dramedy has received a positive rating of 100% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. Thus, this does give us an indication that we may soon get another season of the series.


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