Everything you need to know about Young Royals Season 2

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Season One is about Prince Wilhelm followed in his navigation to the Hillerska Boarding School in his royal obligations and youthful love. At the end of the first season, Sweden’s next king was forced to choose between the throne and his love of the royal variant Simon.

Netflix has not officially confirmed if Young Royals will be returning for a second season, but it has to be declared by royal order! So as long as we’re waiting to hear about this official renewal, here’s all about Young Royals, two seasons.

It takes a year or so for Netflix to turn around for a second season. Youth Royals’ first season only took six episodes, and we’d not be astonished if additional episodes will happen by July 2022. So it’s a year or so. This supposes, of course, that the show is renewed.

It would be more strange if they were all ageing rapidly between seasons one and two, though, because the young cast doesn’t become much more youthful.

Source: Otakukart

If someone is sure to return in the second season of Young Royals, Prince Wilhelm’s role will be Edvin Ryding. Wait for the following joining him:

  • Omar Rudberg is Simon
  • Malte Gårdinger is August
  • Frida Argento is Sara
  • Nikita Uggla is Felice
  • Pernilla August is Queen Kristina of Sweden
  • Nathalie Varli is Madison
  • Carmen Gloria Pérez is Linda

Ivar Forsling is one celebrity unable to return in the first season after Crown Prince Erik’s death. However, he was saying that the effect on Wilhelm was enormous. Thus Erik can return in season two for some backlash moments.

The connection with the couple suddenly unwavered after August leaked a sex tape with Wilhelm and Simon. Wilhelm was persuaded to deny his role; nonetheless, he also betrayed Simon.

In the first finale of the season, Wilhelm asks Simon whether they can remain secret. Everything else could harm the reputation of the Crown. This isn’t good enough for Simon, though, so he concludes things for good. Or so he thinks because, in the end, it is rather apparent that both youngsters share each other’s feelings.

Will Wilhelm, in season two, continue to heed the wishes of his mother? We doubt that. We doubt. Because he and Simon will encounter each other still at Hillerska, there would be a lot of sexual tension in future episodes, but, of course, this assumes that Simon can forgive the fact that Wilhelm has already done.

In the two-year season of Young Royals and the fall-out from August, we hope to see a great deal more friction between task and desire. Unfortunately, there is currently no fresh footage from the two years of Young Royals, but until a new trailer is ultimately presented, we’ll continue to check the royal archives.

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