Exclusive: American Gods season 3, clip reunites Shadow and Laura

Courtesy: CBR

American Gods’ most recent episode, “Sister Rising,” ended with a surprise reunion between Shadow Moon and his wife Laura Moon. The interaction was brief, leaving fans wondering what will happen between two, especially since Shadow claimed he was done with Laura the last time they saw each other. While upcoming episode “Conscience of the King” will pick up where the last left off, this CBR-exclusive clip provides a little more insight into where the former couple stands with one another.

Meeting in what appears to be Shadow’s bedroom, a resurrected Laura explains she is actually alive this time. The first time she came back, she was technically a walking corpse, with embalming fluid still in her system, flies constantly following her and no color in her eyes and face. Thanks to Baron Samedi’s elixir and Mad Sweeney’s blood, Laura was able to escape Purgatory and live again, this time as a regular person.

While this resurrection is different, Laura’s personality and motives are still the same, as she plans on killing Mr. Wednesday, Shadow’s father. This has been Laura’s plan since the end of Season 2, and she was willing to sacrifice her life in an attempt to resurrect Sweeney, who would be better suited to kill Wednesday. However, this plan failed, with Sweeney staying dead and Laura being sent to Purgatory until Season 3, Episode 4, “The Unseen.”

While Shadow and Wednesday are not on the best of terms, he doesn’t approve of Laura’s revenge and wants no part in it, even though all she asks for is the Allfather’s location. Shadow sees this as aiding and abetting. Plus, last time he was with Wednesday, they were on amicable terms, with Shadow agreeing to be part of the Allfather’s heist in “Sister Rising.”

Courtesy: Syfy Wire

Laura reminds Shadow that Wednesday deserves this because he is behind her initial death. Shadow agrees Wednesday is terrible, and he was actively avoiding his father at the start of Season 3 until Odin manipulated the situation so Shadow would have to be a part of his game again. Despite this, Shadow thinks it’s ridiculous that Laura would waste her third chance at life by attempting to kill Wednesday.

While Shadow sees this as self-destructive revenge, Laura believes that not pursuing this would be letting Wednesday off the hook for his crimes against her and others. Shadow reminds her that killing him can’t fix the past, even if they hold him accountable for his wrongdoings. However, Laura says this isn’t just about accountability; this is about stopping Wednesday from causing more damage. With Wednesday’s godly war brewing, and the Allfather determined to drag Shadow into it, Shadow needs to decide where he stands, and Laura’s revenge plans may influence where his allegiance lies.


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