Exclusive: Hollyoaks star Rhiannon Clements on Summer and …


Rhiannon Clements, the main star from Hollyoaks has addressed what fans are expecting next. He said that there are few suggestions from fans that Summer Ranger and Grace Black would be next seen together having a romantic connection.

This is not something that suddenly came up, over the past few weeks where viewers have seen both had developed a solid friendship. This friendship is not something that looks casual and common but leading to some speculation on social media. As per fans, they could turn into more one day if they continue their friendship together. 

As per what Summer said he has already confirmed before that gender isn’t a consideration for him when you are looking for a partner that’s romantic and understanding.  Meanwhile, Grace had previous relationships with Kim Butterfield and Farrah Maalik and currently dating Felix Westwood. 

Rhiannon said to Digital spy that Summer and Grace were never found saying no to anything. And according to him, this shows that they are interested in each other dynamic.

More to this he added that it’s so interesting to see both Grace and Summer together with a no filter friendship. This because Summer has not found anyone in her village before Grace. He also said that Summer’s identity is somewhat interesting and looking at a relationship like this will be unique and admiring. 

She undoubtedly looking forward to Grace now and want to continue their bond together. This is so far we know about them, do you have any question and suggestions regarding this read? Do share with us. 


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