Exclusive: Joe Biden’s Sibling Denies To Answer Questions About Business Dealings Of Family


The Democratic presidential nominee’s brother Jim Biden denied replying to questions when proceeding towards outside a place in Maryland about claims the retired Vice President had information about the family’s overseas profession ventures. 

Proceed towards at a residence on the Eastern Shore, Jim Biden continuously rejected questions in his driveway from a distance in the street. 

I don’t want to comment on anything expressed by Biden involving a neighbor who viewed an image of the video. If he cautioned to reply to questions then Biden replied no. 

Two spring established the person was Jim Biden involving a neighbor who showed an image of the video. The Eastern Shore house is connected to Jim Biden in the target of the public. 

After one day Tony Bobulinski shared that Tucker Carlson Tonight in a premier meeting that the former vice president’s denials of knowledge. In his son’s foreign relations is a blatant lie. 

Interrogated why he and Hunter Biden wished to greet with Bobulinski, Jim Biden answered that what are you saying on that matter? 

Moreover, he added that would you please cease disturbing me. Bobulinski stated and also embossed about in 2017 to Jim Biden. However, the brother of retired Vice President Joe Biden. The matter is about Joe Biden’s supposed to bond to a feasible joint venture with a Chinese power firm. 

Bobulinski, a retired deputy in the U.S. Navy was the retired CEO of SinoHawk Holdings. These are said was the co-operation between the CEFC Chairman Ye Jianming and the two Bien family members. 

I am trying to remember the way you guys are going away with this. Are you worried? 

He expressed that Jim Biden chortled. It immediately to me in a cabana at the Peninsula Hotel, Bobulinski. 


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