Exclusive: Vice President Mike Pence Utters About Pennsylvania Battleground, Philadelphia Gun Violence


Vice President Mike Pence underscore our place significant in the contest for the White House. He invited a pre-discussion function in Lancaster County.

That’s where CBS3’s Greg Argos got a try to talk with the vice president in a premier one-on-one meeting. 

This segment campaign rally, part viewing party. Almost 1000 people collected in Lititz, Lancaster County to see Vice President Mike Pence speak. Additionally, watch the discussion between VP Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

The path to winning goes align via Pennsylvania as per the Pence’s statement. Pense told people with his base in the heart of Lancaster County, charging the crown before the initial discussion on the first president. 

I wished to see Vice President Pence personally. Also, be part of the enjoyment leading up to the discussion tonight. One reporter confirms. 

Throughout his trip to Lititz, Eyewitness Newsreader premier one by one with Pence, interrogating him on polling which shows President Trump behind nine percentage points in Pennsylvania. 

We are in Pennsylvania. This is a battleground state. What kind of communication do you have for the undecided voters. The voters that are still on the edge? Told by CBS. 

A topic definitely to be on the minds of a lot of voters in 35 days in the management COVID-19 reaction and the uptick in violence in major American towns along with Philadelphia. 

It is noticeable to think that before the first case of social transmission take place in late February the United States, earlier one month before, at that time the president Trump has done the things that no other president had done earlier that he had stopped all travel from china. 

Trump and I are indeed committed to taking the steps to make sure we have law and order in Philadelphia and in every major city and town in this country. As per Pence. 


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