Exorcism Happened At Site Where Rioters Toppled Statue Of Saint


San Raphael police arrested 5 suspects allegedly implicated in the vandalism. San Francisco’s Archibishop Salvatore Cordileone held an exorcism Saturday. It is outside of Saint Raphael Catholic Church in San Rafael, Calif. 

A Roman Catholic archbishop acted an exorcism in Northern Californa on Saturday morning at the site where racial injustice protesters fell a statue of 18th- century Spanish evangelist Junipero Serra days before. 

Unlike in films, original exorcism is often a solemn church ceremony like Saturday’s. Which was deliberated to drive out evil and reputation of Serra’s defend. 

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of the Archdiocese of San Francisco acted the ceremony in front of around 150 followers before enjoying a special Mass inside St. Raphael Catholic Church. It is in San Raphael north of San Francisco.

Serra, who lived from 1713 to 1784. She was canonized by Pope Francis in 2015 is known as the father of the California mission system. 

The church respects Serra for bringing Roman Catholicism to the Western United States but critics claim he pushed Native Americans to give up their culture. Otherwise, they have to go through extreme punishment. 

The specialist in the field believes that Latin tends to be more dynamic opposite the devil because he does not like the language of the church. Cordileone said that after saying prayers in the official language of the church. 

Serra statues in Los Angeles. And Sacramento has been damaged too. San Raphael police stated that five suspects have been arrested in attachment with the vandalism. 

Serra was an 18th-century Spanish priest. She is praised for getting Roman Catholicism to western America. However, she also charged with brutality against Native Americans who denied to change into that ritual. However, the statue will be repaired and returned to the site.


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