The phenomenal South Korean singer Kim Jong-in better known as Kai has come out with his first solo album. He talked about the album at a press conference held for the release of the first music video of the new album. Here is what he said.


Kai’s former EXO partner Baekhyun acted as the MC for the press conference. The press conference with Kai explaining to Baekhyun how he was all right till he came to the press conference and now when he was here, he felt excited and nervous. He went on to ask Baekhyun about how he felt when his first solo album was coming out? Baekhyun explained that he felt the same as Kai.

Next the press conference proceeded with the screening of the first music video of Kai’s album. The song was titled “Mmmh”. After the screening Kai observed that his heart hurt after watching it. Baekhyun said that it was normal; he had also felt similar after watching his own first music video but things turned out just fine and he hoped the same will happen with Kai. Kai continued by acknowledging Taemin who told Kai to focus on solo projects as they were the real thing.

Kai also thanked Baekhyun along with other members of EXO who had helped him a lot while he was making his first solo album. Kai concluded by thanking his fans as according to him the solo album happened because of them. The fans had loved his solo performances in the EXO concerts and this thing had given Kai strength to make the solo album. Finally he urged his fans to listen to his new album as much as they could and take it to the top of the charts. 

You will be able listen to the new album once it releases at 6pm KST on all major songs streaming services.


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