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At the end of March 2021 Innersloth’s huge social deduction game, Entre Us had a major new update with new content, perhaps intended by the developers for the canceled series. Fans of the game also got new cosmetics, updated mechanical gameplay (in particular custom starts), and the Airship, the largest map we have yet.

The players have just started to test all the Airship deals, including new movement options like ladders and moving platforms. The real difficulty for players to adapt to the new arena is however to learn how to complete all the tasks introduced by the developer. Reddit fans have seen at least twenty new challenges for players while attempting to hunt Airship’s impostors, but others have taken over from previous maps.

The tasks known to the players are one thing, but the all-new tasks may confuse the players just enough to take over the Imposters. Any new mission that the Airship has discovered, explained.

  • In the Armory and Showers, players can find new short tasks

The brand new activities on the Airship map added to us can be separated into two fundamental categories: long and short. There are far more brief activities, normally one-stage incidents so that players can start to understand.

The Put-Away Rifles and Put Away pistols are two simple and like shorts in the armory. Both players must go to the armorial and locate the right weapons on the table in the middle of the room after either job is taken out. Take the guns and go to the armrest on the sides of the room to complete the job, and put the rifles or handguns on the wall.

The baths, Pick up Towels, and Fix Showers are waiting for two more brief jobs. The player has to find the eight highlighted towels spread around the showers, collect them and then throw them one by one into the handicap next to the entrance to complete the towel mission. To fix the shower simply find the leaky shower head and then beat it with a hammer before the job is over.

  • New with us in the vault, in the cockpit, and the lounge

Two new short tasks in the Airship’s Vault will also be featured among our fans. There, players must complete either the dress model task or the Polish ruby task. Go to the vault to find either the giant ruby in the middle and the undressed model in the lower right corner. The polishing of the ruby basically involves playing with it so it shines, and when the model is selected the player will be given a list of the clothes he has to choose from.

In the cockpit, players can find a new short task: stabilize steering. The simple job involves easily locating the control device in the middle of the cockpit, shifting them to the target spot with a green border, and pressing the lever upwards and downwards to the left.

Another quick job is to find the clean toilet task in the lounge. This task ends with a toilet in the lounge, then moves the plunger upwards and downwards. Easy enough, but when she had to do it Valkyrae didn’t have fun.

  • In the kitchen, main lobby, and records, among us new short tasks.

The new set of short tasks for the Airship is completed by three simple tasks in Records, the Kitchen, and the Main Hall. The first is Sort Records, which, oddly, is found in records. The players need to take one of the files off the table in Documents, put it on a bookshelf, grab the second folder and place it on a filing cabinet to sort the records and complete the job.

It could also be possible to ask players to complete the kitchen make burger challenge. If you are faced with this challenge, you have to get to the burger station where you can make a breakfast made of 5 possible ingredients. Players should however know if they exit the station and return, that the receipt will adjust.

One of the two new obstacles in the Main Hall is the last challenge. The job of decontaminating consists of merely cleaning the avatar of the player so you go to the decontamination sink and wait until the progress bar drops to zero percent.

  • The Main Hall, the Safety Room, and Cargo Bay are the new activities

Developing photos, completed in the main hall, are one of the latest long activities that players will meet. In this multi-step mission, players will need to locate an outstanding tub in the Main Hall Dark Room, drag three undeveloped photographs into it and wait one minute for the pictures to mature.

In the security room, players would have to re-wind tapes for yet another long mission. The players have to locate the tape station and use the rewind and quick-forward buttons to align the location of the tapes and a notation on the front.

A third long task is included in the Cargo Bay: Unlock Secure. This job allows players to communicate with the yellow safety, and then use instruction in a piece of paper taped into the safety device to manipulate the dial. The players need to turn the dial in the direction that the arrow points before the red dot hits the designated number to complete this task. Then players must finish this step two more times before the mechanism actually lights up on the right side.

  • The last new tasks for us are in ventilation and electricity

There are two more activities for us players in the Electrical and Ventilation fields of new mechanics. The new Electrical Space Job is called Reset Breakers, which involves simply locating and numerically pulling the seven breakers each. Players know the correct command because after the selection each breaker displays a number specified. To stop resetting the series, players only have to find the next numbered breaker.

In the ventilation space, the final new job in Among Us is completed and named Start Fans. This mission sounds straightforward, but the distance that players must travel to finish it makes it more challenging. In order to complete this mission, the players must locate the access code, which will appear at the side terminal at Cargo Bay, which is represented by a collection of gems. Players then have to sprint around the ventilation shaft, go back to the shower side, and type the code there. It is much better if the character is a ghost, as Valkyrae has shown.

The allegations can be made without the impostor ever spotting the game, but the Airship still plays an essential part in our efforts. The Airship is a new globe.


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