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Wrong Turn is a compilation of American horror movies produced by Alan B. McElroy. The series comprises six films, one-seventh being made.

The film center on the different families of cannibals who hunt a party in Western Virginia by horrifyingly murdering all of them for food by using a combination of traps and weapons. Just Three Finger appeared in six films among the 3 major cannibals in the series.

More about the movie

Wrong Turn was the most relevant film on the industry released in 2003 with two films after Wrong Turn 2: Dead End, and Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead, which performed well on the industry.

Declan O’Brien, who took charge of the third film, returned retroactively to revisit the crazy family past, which was at the core of the blood and the gore flick community.

Though the last young ladies such as Laurie Strode in Halloween and Sidney Prescott in Scream are coming up, typically the middle movements against misbelievers. It is well-known in the world for thrillers to turn about reprobates rather than survivors.

The turning door of the hostages, who are made for the inbred cannibals as cannon fodder, maybe another vast feature of the Wrong Turn movies; they are simple and often they don’t live.

Although there were many dead cannibals in the franchise, they have undergone a gruesome campaign renowned for the proliferation of blood and gore and more graphic violence and pornographic material.

The sixth film that came out in 2014 was planned as a standalone film by another director, Valeri Milev, although there are six films in the Wrong Turn franchise.

What is the story of the Cannibal Family origin in the Wrong Turn

This prequel is based on the initial story of the 3 brothers, who serve as the key antagonists throughout the original film and much of the episodes of the wrong turn 4: Bloody Beginnings. 

From 1974 on the Glenville Sanatorium, a blood-free list of prequel patients was Three Finger, One Eye, and Saw Teeth. The brothers undertake an insurrection in the sanatorium, liberate the patients and butchers who have taken charge of numerous hospitals and nursing workers.

This is where they are discussed a bit more, less prone to pain, are stronger, and undergo other defects, but their maturity, as one would imagine, does not seem to be amazingly impaired. 

However, some of their abilities were due to chemical contamination from a paper mill close to their era.


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